Flight Simulator Controls


  • Client: Logitech

Logitech Flight System G940 provides simulator-grade flying with authentic controls and realistic force feedback. Its design is inspired by military and commercial controls for an experience that's more realistic and more fun. Force feedback lets you feel your aircraft react to air, turbulence, and g-forces. Plus a dual throttle, rudder pedals, and interactive, programmable throttle-base buttons look, feel and work like the real thing.

Ciro Design analyzed a wide variety of real fighter cockpits and fight controls. Ergonomic studies were conducted to optimize the feel of the controls, and well as to proper locate the wide variety of control functions. We created an aesthetic with a rugged, cool, high-tech image, that was still user friendly. The 3 component system instantly became a cult classic, and now sells for 3x the original retail price.

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