Sirius XM
Triple Play

World’s First Multizone Satellite Radio Receiver


The Sirius Home Satellite receiver is a study in applied simplicity. Controls are cleanly laid out following a strict linear formation. All buttons are in-line with each other and are visually and spatially grouped according to function. The extruded aluminum faceplate, with it’s CNC’d slot to locate buttons, adopts a high-end audio stance with it’s strength of material integrity and excellent finish.

SRX-3 TriplePlay, tailored to the needs of the custom installer dealer base and high-end audio or home theater enthusiast, is designed to be integrated into a multiroom, multizone audio distribution system. Designed to give you the utmost in value-add and return-on-investment, TriplePlay allows for quick installation with minimum set-up time.

The satellite receiver only needs an easily installed omnidirectional satellite antenna with a single LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) to receive the SIRIUS satellite signal. Once connected, the receiver can be operated locally or remotely via a single controller port which interfaces to a wide range of 3rd party controllers.

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